This handsome Hunterway x Catahoula (we think) had a troubled start to life. He’s now spent some quality time in a loving, understanding, experienced foster home where he’s learnt a huge amount about life.

At 2.5 years old he’s turned in to a very intelligent and loveable young dog. He doesn’t look like your average Hunterway but he certainly displays many of the characteristics of one. He’s got a good, healthy bark on him. He’s been around horses and cows (although finds them little scary), goats and chickens (loves their eggs as a treat!) and confident cats.

He loves to be out and about and won’t be happy living in the city or suburbs. He’s an absolute people lover and wants to greet everyone with a big waggy tail. He walks nice on the lead and never jumps up but can’t help barking when he’s excited to see you. He has learnt the ‘quiet’ command though.

He’s used to being crated/kennelled for periods of time but isn’t happy if you’re out at work full time (unless you work from home). He loves running or biking with you off lead or tracking a scent.

He’s incredibly competitive and loves playing any game with you. Whilst he has been living with lots of other dogs, he does find it hard not to be competitive. So ideally he needs to be in an experienced adult home without other dogs so he gets quality one on one time. But he’d love to have some dog walking buddies.

Snow has huge amounts of character. He has partial deafness but this does not affect him or how he responds in any way. He currently lives a full life like any other dog. As a long term foster it will be very difficult to part with him but it’s now time for him to continue his journey and find his permanent, loving home and allow another rescue dog the same opportunity with us.
Check out his videos: