Midas is an 11 month old mixed breed male pup, in foster care in Auckland.

He’s a big bouncy goof who loves attention and cuddles, his fav thing is to try and sit on your lap or snuggle up in bed so if you are looking for a big smooch he’s your boy. He is a pretty chilled out companion in his down time but loves bounding around too and needs a good amount of exercise.

He is crate trained and is fine to be left home alone, although he’s still in the chewing phase so would need something to keep him occupied.

He is living with another dog, a small female, and would be fine with another laid back dog as a companion, female would be best, or as a solo dog. He is also living with a cat and is learning to resist the impulse to chase.

He needs training but is learning the basics very fast so he would thrive with someone who has the time and interest to teach him how to be a good dog.

Midas absolutely loves kids.

As with all ARAN dogs, Midas must sleep indoors and be allowed inside with his family. He must never be kept chained up.