FOLLY  (located Central North Island) is an affectionate and loving dog who needs a home where she can continue her great progress in learning to trust humans again, after a terrible early life.  Folly is a 12 month old  cross breed girl, who weighs 20kg.  She has been vaccinated and desexed, vet checked, and is in good health.

Folly is excellent at sit, stay, pretty good on a lead with a halti, she is not bothered by bikes or horses that pass on walks, and is generally very well behaved after her initial excitement wears off. She walks past paddocks with a few sheep and doesn’t bat an eyelid.

She has no food aggression and is happy to have her you  touch her mouth, ears and feet with no problem. 

She is good inside and sits on her mat like a good girl. 

She is not interested in cats, in fact if anything she steers clear of them 

She enjoys the car, is happy in her crate and  doesn’t excessively bark or wine at all. 

Folly loves to play with the little dogs she has met. She doesn’t quite know what to do with big dogs – she needs some more help with meeting bigger dogs. 

She is extremely cuddly her dream would be to have pats and cuddles all day! 

Her areas that she needs help with are:   She is stand off -ish with males initially (but does warm to them). When new people come over she will bark and growl for approx 1 minute and then check in for a sniff – she’s fine if that visitor gets to her level and speaks in a high pitched voice she almost instantly settles and wags her tail, however if they don’t she remains cautious for a few more minutes. So Folly needs more help to settle fully. if you can offer Folly a safe haven, please email us and we will put you in touch with her carers. Thanks.