Kora is a 6 month old female mixed breed pup, possibly Collie x

She will be medium to large size dog when fully grown.

Kora is deaf, and is in foster care with a professional behaviourist and trainer so is getting a wonderful start. Being deaf doesn’t affect her as much as you would think, and with the great training she is getting she will lead a life no different from any other dog. We would be happy to stay involved with Kora after her adoption and give any necessary support.

Kora has been living with other puppies, a range of adult dogs large and small, cats, goats, horses, children and a range of adults.

Kora is fab around other dogs, loves their company and takes cues from them to help navigate the world. So we would like her to go to a home with another resident dog.

As she is deaf and can be scared around very sudden movements, we are putting a lower age limit of 8 years for children in the household adopting Kora.

More photos and videos of Kora can be found on our Instagram page @aran_rescue

Kora will be de-sexed when she reaches the appropriate age, this is mandatory for ARAN dogs and is included in their adoption fee. She will also be vaccinated, microchipped and registered and is up to date with flea/worm treatments.

There is an adoption fee of $330 to contribute towards these costs.

To fill in an online adoption application please visit:

Or email us at aran.rescue.nz@gmail.com