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We need to rehome our Hugo dog:

We’ve had Hugo in our whanau for a year. He is settled into our household routines and he is now maturing into a great dog. Unfortunately, our three other dogs haven’t accepted him and after a year of constant management it’s become clear that it’s not fair on any of our dogs to continue.

A little bit about Hugo: He is an 18 month old AM Staff x Boxer and is deaf. He’s social with people and other dogs, happy to play or do his own thing. He lives on the North Shore of Auckland.

Hugo’s background:

Hugo was found abandoned at 2 months old and taken into foster care. Due to malnourishment at an early age he developed Rickets which had a slight impact on bone and muscle growth but hasn’t impacted his overall health.

It was discovered he was deaf when he was 3 months old and with the introduction of visual cues he started to thrive.

New experiences can still be a little bit stressful for him but he calms more quickly. We’ve been successfully working on his separation issues and can now leave him alone for 3 hours in a managed environment.

Hugo is a lovely young dog that would be best suited in a household as an only dog or with a dog of similar sociability. He needs physical exercise and mental stimulation therefore an active owner is a must. Being a boisterous, medium sized, aloof teenager he’d best suit a household with children 10 years +.

Due to his separation issues someone who is at home part-time is preferred although he does currently attend a daycare but for no longer than 5 hours. Hugo currently lives with two confident cats therefore is capable of a managed integration with other household pets.

We’re committed to having Hugo live with us until we find the perfect whanau for him. We’re now on the lookout for that perfect whanau.