ARAN Animal Rescue NZ

(Registered Charity # CC50878)

ARAN Animal Rescue NZ is one of a few dog rescue groups in New Zealand who specialise almost exclusively in rescuing pound dogs. In under 6 years we have saved around 1000+ pound dogs and private rehomes, together with various other animals, and via a network of foster homes and other agencies all over the North Island, seen those dogs desexed and vet treated as necessary, and into approved permanent homes. Under ARAN’s adoption contract, these dogs can come back to ARAN’s care at any time for the rest of their lives, if the owners cannot keep them for any reason. ARAN started with dogs from the Ruapehu District Council pound, and we still rehome all rehomeable dogs from that area, which is a very large rural district with 4 urban areas within it. 99.9% of these dogs are rehomed into other districts in New Zealand.

We have also saved Whanganui District, Henderson Shelter (Auckland), and Far North District pound dogs and commit to dogs from other council pounds in New Zealand, as and when we are able. ARAN responds to pleas for help from members of the public who are struggling with finding homes for their dogs, and we help as far as we are able, with advice, publicity via our facebook page, and home-checking procedures. ARAN have also rescued and rehomed dozens of goats, small pets, horses and poultry, and always endeavour to co-operate and work with other animal welfare agencies and SPCAs as much as we can. However, pound dogs are our main focus and keep our very small team working very hard. ARAN’s dogs needing homes and fosters can be seen on our website, trademe, petsonthenet and pet rescue NZ, and on our facebook page – . In these before and after photos, you can clearly see the stress of the pound, and the joy of a home.

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